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  • Buphalo Dexterity/Light Duty Gloves

    The dexterity glove is specifically made to protect the hand during light duties. Crafted with high-dexterity features that allow you to work with precision and control, the glove is designed to form to the natural curvature of your hand, so you can work with hand tools and small fasteners with ease.

  • Buphalo N-Guard Chemical Gloves

    The N-Guard chemical glove is a high-performance chemical resistance glove designed to protect the hand from the highest risks of liquid hazards. The gauntlet has a soft flock-lined for added comfort and is crafted to allow for free movement of the wrist while keeping the hand safe. It is for use in chemical, food and…

  • Buphalo Rigatto Heavy Duty Gloves (4133)

    The Rigatto gloves is specifically designed to be worn whilst carrying out a range of different tasks, especially when carrying out heavy duty works. It is made from cow split leather, patched to protect the palm and veins as well as the knuckles. Extra cotton is included at the back to increase comfort and ventilation…

  • Buphalo Titanyum Impact Gloves

    The Titanium Impact Gloves is created to give maximum protection to the back of the hand from high risks of impact. It is designed for action in the toughest environment and its durability is of the ultimate quality. There is highly protective cut resistant liner for added security against cut hazards and a wrist strap…

  • Buphalo Weldek Welding Gloves

    The Weldek Glove is a fully welted gauntlet with a premium quality leather, sewn to protect the hand during welding and metal handling. It has a reinforced palm and thumb area for added protection as well as a superb abrasion and tear resistance. It is designed according to the European Standards